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Saturday, 13 January 2018

National sticker day

There used to be a shop called Pickwicks in the old high street in Tunbridge wells and they had the most amazing selection of stickers. 

That I would cover my letter to my German pen pal with. The good ol' days.... when snail mail was a thing! I love stickers to this day. 

When my nieces were little we would send magazines and cards across to Canada and they would count the stickers to makes sure they had the same amount. Funny how something like a little sticker can hold such memories.  How about you?  Toodles xXx

Saturday, 6 January 2018

It's owl about the mixed media!

I love visiting Powertex UK hq I always get a sneak peak on the new ideas and products coming and going. I also sometimes get a chance to give a little input too! Which I think sometimes gives our Tracey a  bit of a headache! Yes, I do have a lot of ideas brimming in my head constantly. 
When I saw the new Mdf owl kit I instantly had to make a sample after all we were going to the NEC and did need something to inspire everyone with! Well that was my excuse right? 
As usual with most of my designs the 'keep it simple' motto we like to say at Powertex UK hq doesn't really apply to me. I seem to be that rebel that breaks all the rules and throws everything at it. I actually struggle when I am trying to create a simple piece.
But that's the fab thing about Powertex there is no right or wrong, so you can make it as simple or a complicated as you like. And your style will always shine through when you create. I always tend to go the mixed media route with a lot of the pieces I create. 
I've used some acanthus mdf pieces on the branch, above the eye and on the wing. A feather above the eye. And a couple of cogs on the body and branch. And some of the MDF dropouts scattered around here and there.
Then an extra helping of embellishments from Powertex uk and some stencilling and patterned wallpaper which is my favourite go to texture.
All coated in bronze Powertex dried and then dry brushed with red ochre, yellow ochre and turquoise power color and varnish.
Enjoy and have fun creating your owl!  Toodles Anna xXx